Implementing Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI)

Rob Bryant implemented DSI at his hospital. He created a number of resources to make that possible. He was kind enough to share them. Of course he didn’t share them with me, but instead with my buddy and airway guru, Minh Le Cong. I guess Rob falls for the dulcet down-under accent. Anyway, see Minh’s post:

Rob Bryant Implementing DSI

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  1. Rob Bryant says:

    I have a dulcet down under accent of my own!
    Thanks for providing (all of) the resources necessary for the Intermountain DSI protocols.

    My next clinical decision tool is called WWWD
    What Would Weingart Do.
    Rob Bryant

  2. Minh Le Cong says:

    Rob, it was a blast interviewing you on DSI earlier today. the podcast is going up tonight

    WWWD sounds like an awesome app

  3. Don Diakow says:

    Love the sense of humor that prevails over discussing critical concepts in Emerge Airway management. It allows myself “icebreakers” with my cohorts to prompt them to read / listen to these podcasts.
    DSI = Damn sexy intubation or WWWD……….too funny!
    But now I have WWWD stuck in my head and I’m trying to figure out a way to revise our Advanced Airway Algorithm to include it….

  4. Chad hegge says:

    Hi Don,

    Great to hear you are trying to get the masses to “drink the coolaid” I could not agree more, and have taken this here.

    Keep up the great work!!


  5. John Neuffer says:

    Hey, quick question, so I was talking over DSI w/ my attending the other day. We had an obese semi-stridorous patient, and she wanted to know my airway plan for her. I said DSI and informed her of what that was. She was very hung up on the ketamine causing the patients to vomit, and that w/ cpap being a bad mix. I am assuming n/v has not been a huge issue when you are preoxygenating w/ ketamine on board, do you give prophylactic odansetron? Another question I have had for some time, is can you use ketamine as a sedation/pain agent post intubation, especially in the patient w/ low-ish blood pressure. I have never seen it done, but it makes sense to me. Thanks for the stellar podcast. -John


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