How to Custom Bend a Video Stylet for use with the Cookgas AirQ ILA

We’ve bent our Bonfils to fit the Cookgas ILA. Jim DuCanto has done the same with his Clarus. Here are pictures of Jim’s perfect bend as inspired by Dan Cook.

Here is one with a Ruler



Here is my most recent bending job on a brand new Bonfils


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  1. says

    Nice. I was very nervous bending a loaned Levitan to shape…

    I do wonder how long until low cost malleable stylets are on the market

    Better still, with a video screen to compensate for all that nasty guddling about with eye to eyepiece trying to cope with narrow field of view and loss of situational awareness.


  1. […] I’ve replaced the FastTrachs with Air-Q IIs in both my RERN prehospital pack and also on our hospital difficult airway trolley. Indeed, for the finance-limited environment of a small rural hospital, the combination of the AIrQ-II along with a fibreoptic device such as a Levitan FPS scope offers a fairly robust option for difficult intubation – drop in an AirQ-II, then wither blindly intubate or use the malleable fibreoptic stylet to pass the tube under direct vision. Then leave the ETT-LMA in site and pop down an orogastric (difficult to do with the FastTrach). James DuCanto writes well on this with a simple guide and Weingart explains how to mould a malleable stylet to conform to the AirQ anatomy. […]

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