Essentials of EM 2011

I just got back from Essentials of Emergency Medicine 2011. In my opinion, this is the première Emergency Medicine Conference in the world! Mel Herbert continues to be the master of EM education.

There were three people I very much wanted to hang out with…

Michael Cadogan

The visionary behind the life in the fast lane blog–Mike did not disappoint. The words that come to mind are iconoclastic genius. The first night I met Mike, he saved my butt. My presentations this year were mostly video, and since I’m a PC guy and essentials is an all Mac event, not a single one of the videos worked. The AV folks were busy getting set up and did not respond to my pleading eyes and frank begging. I was not a happy camper, especially after not having slept for 38 hours at this point. I finally could not handle keeping my eyes open for a moment longer and figured I would just deal with it the next day. Mike stayed up for I don’t know how many hours and actually fixed the computer of the AV company to get my videos to work. Mike–I owe you mate, you are a gracious and kind man!

Mike did a series of three incredible lectures on social media that will soon be posted on life in the fast lane.


I got to meet da dog for the first time at essentials prior to him performing 10 minutes of stand-up gold at the conference. He is exactly how I imagined he would be–funny, smart, and cynical with a heart of gold (gold as in golden shower-playa). If you have not watched his videos, what the hell is wrong with you. Got to IMMEDIATELY!

Rob Orman

I met Rob once before, but I couldn’t wait to see him again. I feel like Rob’s precocious younger brother. We talk by skype all the time and I feel like I know him well despite this only being the second time we have met. Rob’s ERCAST is some of the best general EM podcasting out there.

Rob gave 3 lectures that established him as a presentation pro.

ZdoggMD, Me, Rob Orman, and Mike Cadogan

I also got to have the best dinner ever with my incredible blogging buddies: Leon Gussow, Graham Walker, and Michelle Lin.

See the all of the Tweets from EM Essentials 2011

Essentials of EM Conference in Tweets

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  1. says

    Professor Weingart
    You are too kind
    It was a FANTASTIC conference and all credit to Mel herbert and the amazing team he has put together.
    However, the highlight of the trip was the opportunity to meet my virtual buddies, simply defining the power of social media in medicine that such a diverse group of people can meet, converse, discuss and assist through the virtual medium of the internet – then through the magic of an awesome conference they get to meet…and understand that they all hold similar altruistic beliefs about the provision of medical education, emergency medicine care and the development of improved health care for all…that is the most amazing thing…the internet and medicine 2.0 has allowed such minds to meet and will ultimately lead to the exponential acceleration of improved healthcare provision, medical education provision and the development of emergency medicine and critical care as the career choice for compassionate, eloquent, committed and AMAZING people


  2. says

    Commander Weingart, I’m not normally one to pile onto a love-fest without adequate protection, but in this case I am unable to restrain myself and will likely emerge with a chancre.

    1. Mike Cadogan is god, something akin to the second coming of Crocodile Dundee…despite being Welsh, and despite Paul Hogan still being alive (I think). It surprises me not a bit that he saved your PC-using arse gratis as he is the most generous insane genius I have ever met. Mike, have a safe trip back to the land where the water spirals the wrong way and marmite trumps vegemite in the battle of the nastiest yeast residues of all time.

    2. Rob Orman does indeed equal a brutha from anotha mutha, which somehow makes me Jewish-by-proxy according to the ancient rites. He acted as my extreme-ED chaperone during my time at Essentials; without him, some ED doc would have inflicted a wedgie upon me for sure, or worse, taken me base-jumping.

    3. Scott, you are a damn hero. Nicest guy in the world, and smart like Rain Man. And AWESOME facial hair people. After I did my stand-up routine, I milled about with you as we were thronged by people asking for YOUR autograph. I’m the rapping doctor dammit!! What about MY needs? Ah, at least I got to bask in the reflected glory. A testament to the profound impact you have on people, myself included.

    Mike said it best above, but I second it: I LOVE YOU GUYS. Can’t wait until next year (whether I’m invited or not). Peace out G.

  3. says

    Rick Janik writes:

    Love the website and your podcast. The grey haired guy in the photo behind you all is James Thompson MD. He is an EM doc in Juneau, Alaska- a very generous guy, great teacher, physician and outdoor enthusiast with an amazing memory.

    Thanks Rick! I was wondering.

  4. Fred Wu says

    Agree with Scott. Awesome conference (as usual) with great lectures by all.

    Plus, I got to meet Mr. EMCrit in person, after trading emails all this time.

    Good job to all involved!


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